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Why Should I Paint My House In Fall?

Weather conditions play a big role in when you should paint your house. You could do what's on your side to make your paint job last for a while, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, you might have to repaint sooner than you'd like. As a rule of gold for exterior painting, you have to avoid humidity, making fall the best season in Texas for painting your house.

Improved Paint Technology

Nowadays, technology allows for paints that can withstand lower temperatures. However, if you're not using one of those high-end products, it's best to stay on the safe side and wait for the warm weather. You can do exterior painting In Texas from mid-September through the end of November.

The Right Temperature

During fall, the temperature isn't too high, and the humidity is low. Besides, there isn't a significant temperature difference between day and night, allowing the paint to dry and cure properly. During spring and summer, the heat can make the paint dry too quickly, which can cause cracks and peels. In other words, weather conditions in fall are ideal for exterior painting.

Reduce Costs

The paint pricing is relatively stable throughout the year, but costs for other services, such as power washing, might be lower in fall; this happens because demand for those services is lower. So, with some planning, you can take advantage of the slower season and save some money.

Dry Temperature Is Better

When the weather is too humid, the paint doesn't have ideal conditions to stick to the surface, and it can cause adhesion problems. The relative humidity should be below 60% for the coat to cure properly. If you live in an area with high humidity, you might have to wait until next season to start painting the exterior of your house.

Get In Touch With The Most Experienced In Exterior Painting In Texas

At Exteriors Of Texas, we know the correct procedure and products for an exceptional exterior painting. We also know when is the best time to carry out this project in Texas. Schedule a free estimate with us and start your painting project today!

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