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What To Do Before Your New Roof Installation

Replacing your roof will always take some preparation on your part. You want to ensure that you are getting the right roofing contractor for the job and that such a considerable investment runs smoothly. We know you shouldn't take this process lightly, so we gathered some things you can do before your new roof installation.

Suggestions To Prepare Before Installing A New Roof

Clear The Space For Better Roof Access

Roofers will need to access every area of your roof to do their job correctly. Having a clear space around the perimeter of your home includes any bushes or trees that might be in the way. If any large objects are blocking the path, such as a trampoline or basketball hoop, remove them before the roofing contractor's arrival.

Remove Valuable Assets From The Attic

Before the Texas roofing experts start their work, you should remove any valuable assets from your attic. Including things like family heirlooms, photo albums, and important documents. While most roofing contractors are professionals who will care not to damage your belongings, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Prepare A Safe Zone For Children And Pets

Things like heavy noise, bright lights, and strangers in your home can be scary for young children and pets. To ensure they are safe and out of the way, create a safe zone for them in another part of the house or yard.

Consider Your Neighbors

Opposite to exterior painting in Tomball, TX, a roof installation can be pretty noisy. If you have elderly neighbors, you might want to warn them about the upcoming project and ask them to let you know if the noise gets to be too much.

Prep The Inside

The Texas roofing team also needs access to the inside of your home to complete the job. Make sure to clear a path from the door to the area of the house where they will be working.

Ensure Your New Roof Installation With Real Experts

At Exteriors Of Texas, we specialize in roofing and other services like exterior painting in Tomball, TX. We know everything there is to know about installing a new roof, so you can be sure your home will have the best protection against bad weather. Schedule a free inspection today and learn more about what we can do for you!

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