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Roof Leaks: What Causes Them?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Roof leaks can be a huge problem for homeowners, as they can cause damage to your home and belongings. They're also quite dangerous if you don't fix them right away because water will start seeping through the ceiling and into your house. In this blog post, we'll explain how roof leaks happen so that you know why this is happening in your home and what to do about it.

Why Are You Dealing With Roof Leaks?

There are many reasons you might be dealing with roof leaks in your home. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Sun rays: the sun's rays can weaken your roof over time, causing it to crack or break, creating leaks in your roof.

  • Wind and rain: the weather is the forever enemy for residential roofing since it can wear down the material and cause leaks. After an extreme weather event, like a storm, you must check your roof to see its condition.

  • Trees and leaves: branches and leaves can fall on top of your roof. This will accumulate dirt, debris, and bacteria over time, consequently creating leaks in your roof.

  • Missing or broken shingles: this is one of the most common causes for leaks, as shingles are constantly exposed to all kinds of weather and can become damaged.

  • Flashing cracks: Flashing should not cause roof leaks, but faulty, improperly installed, or damaged flashing might allow water to pass through.

  • Improperly sealed valleys: A valley is a low point in your roof that can collect debris and cause water to accumulate. Standing water on your roof is always an issue, and it's a typical source of roof leaks.

How Can You Fix These Issues?

If you're dealing with roof leaks, the first thing that you need to do is resolve the problem. Otherwise, your home will keep suffering from damage and water infiltration. The best you can do is contact a professional for help right away before your roof leaks become a more serious issue.

Luckily, Exteriors of Texas offers professional roofing services at affordable prices! If you live in Magnolia, TX, we can help you repair your roof leaks. Our years of experience make us the perfect choice for the job, and we'll make sure that your roof is leak-free in no time! Contact us today for more information!


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