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New Year - New Roof: Signs It's Time For A Replacement

It's New Year! Now is the perfect time to get together with your family and have fun. Most importantly, it is the perfect time to reflect and set resolutions for the coming year. It could be about improving your life's quality, incorporating some physical activity into your daily routine, or even investing in your home.

What about getting a new roof? Well, although it seems crazy and a huge project, there's a possibility that you need one. In this article, we'll show you signs that it's time to replace your old roof and get a new one with the New Year. Check this out!

6 Signs It's Time For A Texas Exteriors Innovation

Your Roof Is About To Expire

As time passes, so too does the life expectancy of your roof. If it's older than 20-30 years, now may be the time to consider a new one.

Widespread Rust

The signs of aging on your roof are starting to show—rusty streaks and a worn-away protective coating. It may be time for some new flashings around the edges so that you can keep corrosion at bay.

A Serious Mushroom Infestation

Moss can take hold gradually, and its moisture-soaked weight could have already compromised the integrity of your current roofing system. Many types of moss-resistant material will provide greater protection against these little gardeners in disguise.

Leaks Coming From Multiple Spots

If the roof is dripping in more than one spot, it's time to start thinking about getting a new one. Not only could two leaks have the same source, but fixing them won't be enough if your underlayment and sealants fail.

Many Missing Or Broken Shingles

If your home is starting to look run-down on the outside, it might be time to replace your shingles. This is especially true if you have cracked, buckled, or missing shingles on all four corners.

Big Storm Damage

After a massive storm, your roof may have taken one too many blows. From raging debris to hailstones the size of golf balls, if it's got multiple holes and dents with missing shingles, it's crucial to take care of it as soon as possible.

It's Time To Call Professional Texas Roofing Contractors!

If you've noticed any or more than one of these signs, it's time to hire the best roofing services in Texas. At Exteriors of Texas, we're a reliable local and family-owned business that has been providing Greater House, Texas homeowners with the best roofing services and solutions for their homes for many years.

As a full-service Texas roofing company, we provide various services, from residential roofing and siding to storm restoration, exterior painting, concrete, and more. Let your Texas exterior be in the best hands!

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