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How Storms Can Damage Your Roof

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

How Storms Can Damage Your Roof

One of the most vulnerable sections of your house is the roof. When a storm hits, it can blow off tiles or shingles and even knock down trees that can wreck your home. If your roof isn't properly prepared, it can be severely damaged and put you and your family at risk.

Read about the dangers that storms pose to your roof and what you can do to mitigate the damage.

6 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Storm Damage to Your Roof

  • Inspect your roof regularly for loose tiles or shingles.

  • Inspect your roof regularly and repair any damage that you see.

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts of debris.

  • Get rid of any trees or branches that are close to your house.

  • Keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared to take action if a storm is headed your way.

What To Do After A Storm?

Contact Your Insurance Company

Make sure that your insurance policy covers storm damage. Some policies only cover certain types of damage, so it’s important to know what your policy covers.

If you’re not sure, contact your insurance agent and ask. Once you know what is covered, you can start the process of finding a qualified storm restoration contractor.

Contact A Reputable Roofing Contractor

Call a contractor who specializes in storm damage repair in your area. They will be able to quickly assess the damage and provide you with a plan of action. The sooner you deal with it, the greater chance you have of preventing further damage to your home.

Examine Your Roof

It's essential for your roof to be repaired as soon as possible after storm damage. If you wait too long, the damage will only get worse and could lead to leaks or even collapse. A storm restoration contractor can help you get your roof back in top condition.

Don't let storms take you by surprise - by being proactive, you can help reduce the risk of damage to your home. If you do experience storm damage, don't hesitate to take action and get your roof repaired as soon as possible.

Take Action On Your Roof

The storm has passed, and now the damage is evident. If your home or property has been damaged by a storm, don't wait to take action. Get in touch with our team at Exteriors of Texas. We will be able to check the damage as soon as possible and begin repairs.

Our team is always available near you, no matter where you live in Texas. We offer flexible scheduling options to get the help you need when it is convenient for you. Let us show you why we are the top choice when looking for "contractors near me" in the state!


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