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Get Ready For Winter: 3 Helpful Roof Tips For Fall

Fall is a time of change, and that includes preparing your roof for winter. Although you might not think about it now, there are many things to consider before the winter season arises. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home when it comes to keeping warm during the cold months ahead.

You can't just leave your home exposed to the elements all winter long! You must take some time to get started with these 7 helpful tips before the season changes:

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters that are not kept clean will cause water to backflow down your roofline and result in roofs that leak. Water will splash back onto your roof if your gutters are blocked, causing cracking, mildew, and other damage later on. Keep an eye on your gutters before the fall leaves begin to rain down to make sure they are clean at all times.

Trim Trees & Shrubs Near The Roofline

An overgrown tree or shrub is a huge problem when it comes to roofing. If you have trees near your home, make sure they are properly trimmed back before winter hits. Be mindful of branches that hang too low and could damage your roof if branches break during the winter. Worst case, they put a big hole in your roof.

Get A Pre-Winter Inspection

If you've been thinking about getting a new roof, now is the time to do it before winter sets in. If your home has any damage from storms or other weather events, have them repaired as soon as possible. Getting an inspection will also let you know if any leaks need immediate attention!

Invest In Your Roof With Professional Roofing Services In Magnolia, TX

If you want to get an accurate inspection of your roof, turn to Exteriors of Texas. We are a residential roofing company that provides comprehensive inspections for homes in the Magnolia, TX area on top of having certified and trained roofers in all the latest techniques and products.

From roof repairs to replacements, we can handle it all thanks to our years of experience. Whether you need a new roof or are simply concerned that your existing one may not be functioning properly, we'll help you get it ready before winter.


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