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Features That Make Tile Roof Amazing

To keep your family safe and your home's value high, your tile roof must be in excellent condition. Plus, no matter how good the quality of your roofing materials is; if it's beyond its lifespan, the experts recommend an inspection to determine the safety and stability of your roof.

If you're like most, you like long-lasting solutions for Texas roofing, and that makes tiles an excellent choice for your home. Let's get into what this material has to offer.

Tile Roof Advantages


Durability is one of the most attractive features of tile roofs. A quality tile roof can last over 50 years with very little maintenance. That's just an average; some homeowners have reported their tile roofs lasting closer to 100 years.


We want our homes to be pleasing to the eye, and a tile roof can help with that. By entering "roof replacement near me" into your search engine, you'll find companies offering a wide variety of tile colors and styles for you to choose from.


Safety will always be a top priority for any homeowner, and tile roofs can give you some extra peace of mind. That's because they're highly resistant to fire, which is a common concern in Texas.

Lower Costs

Despite the initial investment being higher than some other materials, you'll save money with a tile roof over time. Consider that you probably won't need any repairs or replacements for decades.


Having a resistant roof isn't a luxury; it's a necessity, and tile roofs are remarkable in this area. They're able to withstand high winds and are not susceptible to damage. You won't have to request storm restoration services nearly as often.

Why A Good Maintenance Is So Important

Nothing lasts forever, but with the proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your tile roof. The key is to have the felt underlayment replaced every 20 years or so. You should also have your roof inspected at least once a decade to spot any potential problems. This way, you won't have to search "roof replacement near me" as often as your neighbors.

Many people complain that they have to replace their roofs much sooner than they'd like. If you want to really take advantage of the great properties of tile roofs, then you have to take care of them. Even if you take good care of your roof, regular inspections are still a must to ensure that it fulfills its lifespan.

Get In Touch With Experts In Texas Roofing

At Exteriors Of Texas, we specialize in tile roofing and would be happy to help you decide if it's the right choice for your home. We've helped countless homeowners with storm restoration services and other roofing needs in the Greater Houston area. We understand how important it is to have a roof you can rely on, and we'll work hard to exceed your expectations. You don't need to keep looking; click below and contact us!

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