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6 Things To Look At On A Commercial Roof Inspection

Business owners should not underestimate the importance of regular roof inspections. Even more importantly, the small details that are missed can lead to devastating consequences for your building and the safety of your staff and customers.

You can prevent costly damages and roof repairs with regular roof inspections, but it's crucial to ensure you have a professional for the job. When a contractor is conducting an inspection, these are 6 things they should be looking at:

Roof Structure:

The roof structure is perhaps the most important thing to look at when inspecting a building. Issues such as cracked, rotten, missing, or deteriorated wood, damaged or missing shingles, and leaky flat roofs are all signs of a potential problem that needs to be addressed before it can cause further damage.


Water is more likely to pool on your roof if your gutters are blocked. Ponding water on PVC roof membranes will not void your guarantee and is less likely to cause damage, but it's still not advised.

Ponding on other roof types, particularly asphalt-based roofs, can swiftly lead to roof collapse. Remove any debris accumulated in your gutters to avoid this from happening.


Have an expert check your flashings for damaged or missing components such as seals, washers, nails, and flashing cement.


The roofing contractors should check the drainage on the roof for cracks that may have developed over time, allowing water to enter a building and cause additional damage. Cracks can also develop around the nails and fasteners holding down shingles due to heavy winds or snow loads, leading to leaks through the roof sheathing.

Vent Ducts:

Ensure vent ducts are not crushed, kinked, or deteriorated with age. Crushed ducts will restrict airflow leading to high moisture levels in the attic space.

Parapet Wall Finishes:

It's time to look that the terminations on your parapet walls are properly sealed. Your contractor should examine the base of the wall to look for evidence of collapse or cracking. Make sure these issues are addressed to avoid much greater damage in the future.

Hire Professional Roofing Services In Magnolia, TX

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